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Sail fabric - made in germany

durable, weatherproof and with optimal UV protection of UPF 50+

For our custom-made sails, we have relied for years on the material sunsilk, manufactured in Germany.

The high-tech fabric made of light and fine polyester filament yarn convinces with highly lightfast dyes with the highest colour brilliance and luminosity. And it comes in an almost unlimited variety of colours and a large selection of designs. sunsilk is highly tear-resistant, durable and weatherproof with optimum UV protection of UPF 50+.

sunsilk is available in many different colours.

Other fabrics are available on request.

The individual cut is determined with the help of special calculation programmes, the cutting is done manually or computer-controlled via a laser cutting machine, depending on the project.

Depending on the geometry and size, the individual lengths of cloth are either laid parallel to the winding shaft (parallel cut) or run from the shaft to the tip of the sail (radial cut).

With the parallel cut, the individual cloth webs are sewn together, with the radial cut, the webs are welded together.

Plates are sewn into the tips of the sails and edged several times with fabric, so that there is no need for disturbing, visible metal plates.

Sassus Segel Gewebe

Material: 100% polyester

Weight: approx.250g/m2

Light fastness: grade 7-8

Weather fastness: grade 7-8

Resistance to water pressure: approx. 45.0mbar

Water repellency: > 100

Oeko-Tex-Standard 100: yes


Sassus Sonnensegel