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AX102 - the fully automatic premium sun sail

Design and ease of use at the highest level

With a maximum length of the cloth shaft of up to 12 meters and a size of up to 70 square meters, the fully automatic roll-up awning AX102 is one of the most outstanding products under the sun.

This sun sail is customized to your needs in color, shape and size. Each sail is unique. It captivates by its unique design, no compensators or steel springs disturb the optics. Since the beginning of our solar sail production in 2006, we have incorporated our innovative tensioning mechanism into the cloth shaft to provide our customers with maximum aesthetics.

The AX102 also stands out for its ease of use. With the push of a button, the awning opens or closes automatically. If a storm comes up and the set wind value of max. 50km/h is exceeded, the sail will close automatically. If desired, your sun sail will also extend automatically when the sun is shining. This way, not only the terrace, but also the living space behind it can be protected from unwanted sunlight.

Your terrace - your garden - your balcony: spaces to feel good and relax. The tailor-made AX102 sun sail enriches this valuable living space and protects it from unwanted sunlight. With the right inclination, the sail even becomes a full-fledged weather protection and defies any downpour.

The premium AX102 model combines innovation and luxury with sophisticated ease of use, creating the basic prerequisite for "shade bathing in style".


  • customized according to your needs, full weather protection

  • automatic operation with wind and sun monitor

  • convenient opening and closing at the touch of a button

  • Wind resistant up to max. 50km/h

  • Durable weather and UV resistant

  • High quality components made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum

  • Fabric shaft made of galvanized steel, powder-coated in anthracite gray

  • Fabric tensioning elements invisibly built into the shaft

  • Practically maintenance-free

  • Impressive design and aesthetics

  • Optional: height-adjustable sail tips


  • Maximum recommended sail size: 70m²

  • Maximum shaft length: 12m

  • Maximum sail extension per side: 6,5m


  • Fabric: Sunsilk SNC, available in many colors

  • Polyester fabric with acrylic coating

  • Sun protection factor 50+ Water column over 450mm

  • Color fast, lightweight, water and weather resistant, tear and abrasion resistant