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  • MC80 - The manually operated rectangular sail

MC80 - The manually operated rectangular sail

The elegant alternative to a marquee

With a maximum wavelength of up to 8m and a size of up to 40 square meters, the manually operated MC80 is the perfect alternative to a traditional marquee. This awning is customized in color and size to suit your needs and is suitable for medium-sized terrace. The sail MC80 impresses with its airy design and easy operation.

Your terrace - your garden - your balcony: spaces created to feel good and relax. The MC80 sun sail enriches this valuable living space and protects it from unwanted sunlight. With the appropriate inclination, it even becomes a full-fledged weather protection and defies every downpour.

The MC80 model combines tailored form with ease of use for "shade bathing in style."


  • Customized to your needs

  • Patented functional mechanism for quick opening and closing without effort

  • Optional: automatic operation by remote control

  • Optional: wind monitor and light control

  • Full weather protection

  • Windproof up to 30km/h

  • Durable weather and UV resistant

  • High-quality stainless steel and aluminum components

  • Practically maintenance-free

  • Impressive design and aesthetics


  • Maximum recommended sail size: 40m²

  • Maximum shaft length: 8m

  • Maximum sail extension: 5m


  • Fabric: Sunsilk SNC, available in many colours

  • Polyester fabric with acrylic coating

  • Sun protection factor 50+ Water column over 450mm

  • ColorfastLight, water and weather resistant

  • Tear and abrasion resistant